The Dimes Are Real!

The Music of Wishful Thinking

I love music. I can’t carry a tune—something my boys remind me of a bit too liberally—but they only know that because our house is filled with music, and my enthusiastic though amateurish singing, all the time. However when I decided that Jennifer, my main character, would fall for her son’s guitar teacher, and that the guitar teacher would be in a band, I had a moment of panic. I needed to know what this band sounded like. I needed to be able to hear it to describe it. If I couldn’t hear the music and understand Jennifer’s feelings about it, I feared my descriptions would be hopelessly wishy-washy.

But I was in luck. A former Stanford classmate of mine, Pierre Kaiser, is part of a Portland, Oregon-based band called The Dimes, and their sound—folky, sincere, sweet, and lovely, with harmonies like honey—was just what the doctor ordered to counter the frenetic pandemonium of Jennifer’s overscheduled life. It was also a perfect fit for a new novelist, as getting permission to quote lyrics in a book is about as easy as getting named an Oprah Book Club selection. And I mean Oprah Book Club 1.0, which no longer exists. I was thrilled when The Dimes said yes, perhaps because, while they are beloved in Portland and beyond, they haven’t hit Oprah status yet either.

The coolest part: they are letting me post the songs featured in the book here!

The first two are the songs The Dimes play the first time Jennifer hears the band: