A thought-provoking, gimlet-eyed satire of contemporary motherhood in the guise of a romantic comedy, Wishful Thinking is a Trojan horse of a novel, delivering incisive social commentary while it entertains and delights you. I devoured every word of this funny, brilliant book.
Christina Baker Kline, Orphan Train
Wishful Thinking is a whimsical, time-bending tale about an overextended, working single mother’s Year of Magical Living. The solution handed to Jennifer is both fanciful and practical. Who wouldn’t want extra hours added to each day? If only!
Hope Edelman, The Possibility of Everything
Wishful Thinking is funny, tender, perceptive – I tore through it with delight.
Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project


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Wishful Thinking is the story of Jennifer Sharpe, a divorced mother of two young boys who can remember a time when she went to movies and museums, read novels, and ran half-marathon but just barely. Now she has a job that only somebody with a wife could manage, an intermittently employed ex-husband who only manages to be a parent one night a week, and the only time she runs is from school drop-off to her office. Then one morning Jennifer awakes to discover that her smartphone, aka the thing that keeps her life together, is missing. But before panic sets in, it is returned to her, in a mysterious envelope. Even more mysterious is the message from the woman who found it, Dr. Diane Sexton. “I am an inventor, of sorts,” the message reads, “and I have been working on a rather miraculous application designed precisely for a person such as you.” The application: Wishful Thinking. The tagline? An App for Women Who Need to Be in More Than One Place at the Same Time. The miracle? It works.

In the months that follow, Jennifer’s phone becomes more important to her than even she ever thought possible. Powered by Wishful Thinking, it is the portal to having it all. Able to be in multiple places at once, Jennifer no longer feels she’s failing at everything, transforming almost overnight into a super-worker and a super-mom, and soon considers adding the title of supergirlfriend to her résumé. Dr. Sexton, the brilliant physicist who invented the app, warns her against using it too much. Jennifer’s best friend, a pediatrician, worries about Jennifer’s health. Jennifer’s coworker Alicia, also a working mom, suspects that something is amiss. But Jennifer, with a taste of the life she is sure she always wanted, ignores even her own growing questions. (Like how is it, with all the time in the world, that her hours seem more overscheduled than ever? And what, if you can do everything all of the time, does anything you do really mean?) A sci-fi fairy tale for women cracking under the pressures of modern life, Wishful Thinking is the story of a woman desperately seeking balance, and wondering if her happily ever after is possible in real time.